Lost Souls of Leningrad

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Published by: She Writes Press
Release Date: November 8, 2022
Pages: 344
ISBN13: 978-1647422677


June 1941. Hitler’s armies race toward vulnerable Leningrad. In a matter of weeks, the Nazis surround the city, cut off the food supply, and launch a vicious bombardment. Widowed violinist Sofya Karavayeva and her teenage granddaughter, Yelena, are cornered in the crumbling city.

On Leningrad’s outskirts, Admiral Vasili Antonov defends his homeland and fights for a future with Sofya. Meanwhile, Yelena’s soldier fiancé transports food across the Ice Road—part of the desperate effort to save Leningrad. With their help, the two women inch toward survival, but the war still exacts a steep personal price, even as Sofya’s reckoning with a family secret threatens to finish what Hitler started.

Equal parts war epic, family saga, and love story, Lost Souls of Leningrad brings to vivid life this little-known chapter of World War II in a tale of two remarkable women—grandmother and granddaughter—separated by years and experience but of one heart in their devotion and determination. Neither the oppression of Stalin nor the brutality of Hitler can destroy their courage, compassion, or will in this testament to resilience.


“Set in 1941 Leningrad, this tension-filled, well-crafted WWII historical novel tells the harrowing story of Sofya Karavayeva, a widowed violinist, and Yelena, her spirited, young granddaughter. . . . Through masterfully created characters and vivid dialogue, this powerful, inspiring saga brings to the forefront the overwhelming challenges of the daily life of those ‘lost in Leningrad’ during one of the most treacherous periods in Russian history. . . . Lost Souls of Leningrad is a thought-provoking, disturbing, and compassionate portrayal of war’s impact and how the lives of ordinary people are forever changed.”
—Historical Novel Reviews

“A compelling story, effectively told through the alternating perspectives of Sofya, Yelena, Pavel, and Vasili. A thoroughly researched and sensitively written wartime drama.”
—Kirkus Reviews

Lost Souls of Leningrad is a sweeping, heartbreaking, and life-affirming saga. … A remarkable and immersive book that belongs on the shelf with Life and Fate.”
Kim Taylor Blakemore, author of The Companion and After Alice Fell

“With the devastating siege of Leningrad as the backdrop, . . . the despair and brutality of war is evoked through a tender human story of love, family, music, and hope. A stirring novel I couldn’t put down!”
Linda Kass, author of Tasa’s Song and A Ritchie Boy

Lost Souls of Leningrad dives into the personal story of a family navigating one of the major atrocities in modern history. Told with the authority that only a scholar can provide, combined with the chops of a natural storyteller, this book is a can’t-put-down triumph.”
Suzy Vitello, author of Faultland, The Empress Chronicles, and The Moment Before

“This is historical fiction that feels ripped from today’s headlines, . . . an engaging portrayal of love and survival in wartime.”
Debra Dean, bestselling author of The Madonnas of Leningrad, a New York Times Editors’ Choice

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The works of the late Vasily Grossman are listed without publication dates to avoid, not create, confusion. Stalingrad was written in the 1940’s-50’s, published in the Soviet Union several times in the 1950’s under extreme censorship and with the title, For a Just Cause.
Life and Fate was written in 1959, and first published in Switzerland in 1980. Grossman’s works are now all available in English. The Road is listed under non-fiction above. It contains both fiction and non-fiction.

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